Learning Village Gothenburg

Learning Village Gotheburgh, September 2016

Getting to work on the important questions.

The second of the three Learning Villages took place in Gothenburg, Sweden at the  Backa Culture Centre in Gothenburg. During the 16th and 17th of September 85 people gathered at the Centre in the city district Northern Hisingen.

The focus of the Learning Village was to create conditions for a vibrant abundant neighborhood where people enjoy, meet and create a good local livelihood together. The calling question was formulated by the local working group; How can we create a safe and vibrant local community?

The participants expressed among many things that they wanted to focus on co-creating together relationships between citizens, associations, municipalities and politicians and to develop a venue. Many came to the Learning Village to find partners for project ideas and some were additionally curious about the methods that would be used during the days.

"I came here today because I think it's important to have a voice and feel included and involved in the neighbourhood and in society." (Jaana, resident and student)

"I believe in this kind of meetings, In this way we are all on the same level and platform where we meet politicians, residents, associations and organizations. At physical meetings I think it’s very important to be able to see and get to know the person behind the role" (Violetta, member of Backa Handboll Sportsclub)

Some particular perspectives were highlighted by participants concerning the local development of Northern Hisingen such as the need to focus more on children's perspective, getting newcomers involved, to encourage young people to engage in the civic organizations, working with segregation between young and old, to develop a safe neighbourhood, and to remember that trustful relationships is the foundation of a sustainable society.


10 Projects Developed in the Pro Action Café
The major activity the second day were the very creative and action-oriented conversations on actual project ideas presented by participants. 

Creative workshop linked to the arts (individual resident)
The idea is recycling materials and to create activity for people who are at home for various reasons.
Open venue Backa-Brunnsbo (official in the city district)
Soon opening Meetingplace Backa Brunnsbo. How can we create a vibrant place to meet together and based on the needs of people in the area? Meet between generations.

Continue the Learning Village even after? (official in the city district)
How do we continue the work in the district to create the opportunities for further meetings and conversations? We want to create a culture of co-creation.

Courses in programming for children and youth (individual resident)
Children and young people can learn to use computers that is useful in the future. It gives a sense of belonging in the community. You make contact with people you would not otherwise meet. The initiative that can also satisfy future needs.

Hands-on activities for children (official in the city district)
In cooperation with the district administration for culture and leisure.

Upgrade the street handball court (Backa Handboll sports club)
There is no room for spontaneous sports handball. We want to renovate the outdoor handball court now!

Entrepreneurial school for young people (Social Housing)
The social housing company want to develop and create an entrepreneurial school for young people in the area. Make use of the local creativity and increase the sense of ownership and responsibility in the public areas in the neighbourhood.

City district hall - continued dialogue? (official in the city district)
How do we create a building for everybody: stage and theatre, library, information centre, municipal offices and a democratic spaces.

Together prevent and combat drug abuse in Backa. (association Year)
How can we work together to counteract drug use in Backa. Create relationships and strengthen community activities.

Tikitut - locally based tourism (Tikitut Bergsjön)
We are interested in starting Community Based Tourism in Northern Hisingen. This is a way to create meetings between people who would otherwise not meet.

Northern Hisingen
The 2nd Learning Village ended with a circle. The local representatives and SKL expressed their gratitude and thanks.

"This is the first step towards something bigger. We haven’t had this platform before. But now we have had it for two days and it must last. This is a small step forward. "
Final word from Patrik Gladh, The Nordern Hisingen District Committee Chairman.

With these words r "the baton" handed oveto the hosts of the final Learning Village in Dornbirn, Austria.


We would like to thank all those whose hard work and effort made the event possible and also the participants for sharing their thoughts, experiences, knowledge and dreams.