Learning Village Glasgow

Learning Village Glasgow, April 2016

As part of the 6th Social Capital World Forum three International Learning Villages are being hosted throughout 2016. The Learning Villages are aim at bringing together communities and the third as well as public sector to explore new ways of working together in a participatory and collaborative way based on a social capital culture.

2016 - SCWF - LV group foto IIThe first of the three Learning Villages took place in Glasgow at the Netherton Community Centre with 76 people from at least 7 nationalities exploring the meaning of what it means to be and create abundant communities through active citizen participation by sharing their stories and experiences during the 1.5 days of the event. The Learning Village Community identified that the potential is already there – it just needs to be unlocked’ through

  • Providing/creating Opportunities & Shared Space
  • Breaking down barriers
  • Recognising own and other’s potential
  • Contributing to conversations
  • Allowing the structure to come from the community – organically
  • A Change of mind-set
Those elements can be achieved by the communities themselves. It was highlighted that the ‘community energy must lead ’ which provides and taps into a huge pool of potentials to create the communities we want.

After exploring the ideas surrounding abundant and competent communities, everyone had the opportunity to share a story of their choice during the Appreciative Inquiry session

On the second day, the local community  put forward 15 projects they wanted to explore and get feedback from via the Pro-Action Cafe with the Learning Village community:

  • Temple Tunnel
  • The Red Tent
  • Jangling Space
  • Timebank (I)
  • Timebank (II)
  • Youth Inspiration
  • Open school
  • Youth Participation
  •  Netherton Festival
  • School Gates Go
  • Self-build made simple
  • Community-wide Garden
  • Enabling Romani Community
  • News and Views
  • Learning Village for Schools
  At the end of the Learning Village the ‘batton’ was handed n to the Swedish team for them to begin the preparation for the next Learning Village in Gothenburg.






Read more about the Learning Village Glasgow and the projects in the summary of the event

We would like to thank all those whose hard work and effort made the event possible and also the participants for sharing their thoughts, experiences, knowledge and dreams.