About Learning Villages

Colin Campbell Interview from Assist Social Capital CIC on Vimeo.

The Social Capital World Forum (SCWF) is hosting a series of events to develop a model that can be used by communities to increase participatory democracy and build trusting relationships between citizens and the public sector.

The aim is to achieve greater levels of decentralised decision-making, moving towards ownership, co-ownership and co-creation of community developments. The project will be delivered through 3 international Learning Villages (LV) in Scotland, Sweden and Austria with the core teams from all 3 countries collaborating to explore new ways of creating abundant innovative connections between public sector and civil society. The LVs will facilitate participants from different cultures, social backgrounds and fields of work to connect, share knowledge and ideas and increase social capital by establishing and holding conversations through methods that move us from deficit to asset based approaches.

The 3 LVs will facilitate up to 30 co-created projects as a basis for a long-term collaboration. By sharing common experiences that maximise local strengths, skills and qualities within communities the impact will be to move citizens from consumers of local services to active participants in the design and delivery of services relevant to their local context in collaboration with public sector partners. The LVs will facilitate interactions between citizens and the public sector, building co-ownership of projects and thereby motivating integration of citizens within these 3 countries.

To make each LV relevant to local communities they will be delivered in partnership with a local host. In Scotland, ASC has partnered with Glasgow Life and the event will take in the Netherton Community Centre in northwest Glasgow. In Sweden, SKL has partnered with the City of Gothenburgh and in Vorarlberg, Austria the local partner is the Local Authority of the town of Dornbirn.

Each Learning Village will take place over 4 days, with the first two days being preparation days for the international and local hosting teams. In the full dates are from 6-9th of April 2016, with the public event taking place on 8th and 9th. The Swedish event will take place from the 12th to the 16th of September 2016. The dates for the Austrian Learning Village are from 23rd – 26th of November 2016.

If you have any questions please contact us at  scwf-info@social-capital.net.