SCWF 2016

This year the 6th Social Capital World Forum will be hosted in the form of three consecutive International Learning Villages. The Learning Villages are brought together by our international hosting team and will be embedded in real communities in Glasgow (Scotland), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Dornbirn (Austria) bringing together the public sector and civil society (community members as well as third sector) throughout this year 2016;

  • 2016 SCWF Learning Village Sweden - flier_cover page imageGlasgow :          8th-9th April '16
  • Gothenburg:      16th-17th September '16 and
  • Dornbirn:           25th -26th November '16



Upcoming Learning Village :

SCWF 2016 - Leraning Village 'handover' At the end of the first Learning Village the ‘spurtle*’ was handed over to the Swedish team who will host the next Learning Village in Gothenburg, Sweden in September 2016. See the flier for more information >>


2016 - SCWF - LV Group foto - with Netherton CC sign - edited

The  first Learning Village was hosted at the Netherton Community Centre in Glasgow bringing together 76 people from the local community, third and public sector as well as from the international Learning Village community. Find out more about the Glasgow Learning Village >>

SCWF 2016 - LV close-up spurtle and N

The last of the International Learning Villages will be hosted in Dornbirn, Austria in November 2016.


The overarching aim of the three Learning Villages is to explore new ways of bridging the gap and ‘connecting city and citizens’ in Europe in more participatory and collaborative ways based on a social capital culture. At the end we want to bring together our experiences, learn together and produce a framework on how to host local and International Learning Villages in any community.

Additionally, during each Learning Village we want to provide the space for at least 10 community projects and ideas to be further explored helping them to be ‘put into practice’. See for example the summary of the Glasgow Learning Village where 15 real life projects were brought forward by the local community.

If you have any further questions regarding the 6th Social Capital World Forum and the Learning Villages please get in touch with us:

SCWF 2016 - social media logosFind us on social media under Social Capital World Forum #SCWF2016


 *SPURTLE: - is a Scottish, wooden kitchen tool for stirring porridge. In this case the 'learning Village' spurtle is of symbolic value and has the three flags of Scotland, Sweden and Austria as well as the writing SCWF 2016 International Learning Villages on it.

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