SCWF 2011

The 3rd Social Capital World Forum took place on 23-24 September 2011 in Dornbirn, Austria. The event was hosted by Frederic Friedershof, Head of Research in the Department Social and Economic Sciences at the University of Applied Science in Dornbirn, in collaboration with Assist Social Capital, Buro fur Zukunkftsfragen (OFRI), the Austrian Government’s Department for Life and Evangelisches Tagungs in Boldern, Switzerland.

Download the SCWF 2011 information leaflet here.

The SCWF will be of interest to participants from third sector organisations, government agencies, academic institutions and the private sector, with an interest in social networking, community engagement, participatory democracy, community and environmental resilience, social entrepreneurship, social innovation and alternatives to GDP. Delegates had the opportunity to share their knowledge, understanding and experience of social capital in practice and also to engage in discussion with the aim of consolidating and strengthening a global network of social capital practitioners and explore opportunities to work collaboratively.


• Connect regional / national practitioners, intentionally using social capital to enhance community wellbeing

• Share knowledge and experiences of ‘social capital in practice’

• Build a collaborative network for effective future communication between SCWF participants

• Expand opportunities to promote the value of social capital regionally, nationally and internationally