Social Capital World Forum 2016 - Learning VillageThe 6th Social Capital World Forum was hosted throughout 2016 as Learning Villages 'Connecting Cities and Citizens' in Scotland, Sweden and Austria. An EU for Citizens Action Project developed a Model approach to bridge the divide between city and citizens via three Learning Villages.  Find out more here >>


The Social Capital World Forum (SCWF) was launched in Scotland in 2009, to bring together organisations (civil society, NGOs, social enterprises, academic, statutory sector, etc) working at a regional/national level with social capital as a key resource for enhancing community well-being and resilience.

The term social capital is is growing in importance, but it is still not widely understood outside of academic or political circles.  Many organisations delivering social, economic and environmental benefit as an outcome of their work, are creating social capital, yet are unaware of the true value of this intangible asset.

The SCWF believes that greater knowledge of social capital, the terminology and the structures, can help identify the added value of  this invisible resource and facilitate progress in our communities socially, environmentally and economically to bring about a more sustainable and prosperous society.

The SCWF will be of interest to participants from third sector organisations, government agencies, academic institutions and the private sector, with an interest in social networking, community engagement, participatory democracy, community and environmental resilience, social entrepreneurship, social innovation and alternatives to GDP. Affiliates will have the opportunity to share their knowledge, understanding and experience of social capital in practice and also engage in discussion with the aim of consolidating and strengthening a global network of social capital
practitioners and explore opportunities to work collaboratively.


  • Connect regional / national practitioners and community-connectors, intentionally using social capital to enhance community well-being
  • Share knowledge and experiences of 'social capital in practice'
  • Build a collaborative network for effective communication between SCWF participants
  • Expand opportunities to promote the value of social capital regionally, nationally and internationally

To achieve this the format of the SCWF will:

  • Facilitate discussion and cooperation
  • Demonstrate and promote policies and practices that deliver social, environmental and economic sustainability
  • Build new partnerships and initiate collaboration on new projects
  • Connect SCWF with regional / national social capital initiatives


Check out the outcomes of the EU for Citizens funded  Social Capital World Forum Learning Villages held in 2016.